My Awesome! Attempt At: A Rainbow Birthday Cake

So, Munchkin and I are huge rainbow fans.

rainbowWhat’s not to like? They’re so colorful and bright!

Also, even though Munchkin has many favorite movies, she only has one favorite movie soundtrack. Can you guess what it is?

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Ironically, her favorite song is not “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (although it is a favorite of mine). It’s probably a tie between “The Jitterbug” and the song Glinda sings when she meets Dorothy.

Just like favorite movies, Munchkin has the hardest time picking a favorite princess. For the longest time her favorite princess has been Cinderella (as you can plainly see here). Some days it’s Rapunzel, other days it’s Aurora, but nine times out of ten, it’s Cinderella. When we went to Disneyland and she had a princess makeover she could have dressed up as anyone. Who did she pick?


Yep. I’m assuming it’s because Cinderella was the first Disney movie we ever watched but who knows? Cinderella is so iconic and her story is so well known…well, I’ll save that for another blog…

Anyway, for Munchkin’s  fourth birthday, I wanted to do something special. This was going to be a tough birthday for me, emotionally. Not only was my baby growing up but it was the first time I’d ever tried throwing a party completely on my own.  I was financially unstable and utterly heart broken but I wanted to do something amazing for Munchkin, something that she’d remember for more than a few days

So it started with cupcakes at her daycare:


Those were by far, the easiest thing to make. I picked the boxed strawberry cake mix (so they’d be pink) and after baking them, I frosted them with my homemade cream cheese frosting.

Yummy! Fluffy cream cheese frosting!

Yummy! Fluffy cream cheese frosting!

The rainbows were just Airhead candies I found at the 7-11 by my job, cut into smaller, cupcake friendly sizes.

20130216-021718.jpgI’m pretty sure I got the idea on Pinterest since I know that’s where I went to for ideas. In fact, when you compare mine to the pinterest ones…

definitely not a fail

So, yes! I was definitely feeling confident. Especially since I had just made the most perfect cream cheese frosting in existence. While browsing pinterest, I had come across these lovely beauties:


This is actually a necklace, but still!

SO cool!

If you click the link of that last picture, they actually give you step by step directions on how to make the cake. It’s pretty straightforward, pick the type of cake you want (anything light colored will work, chocolate, obviously won’t), follow the instructions on the box, add food coloring and voila!

Rainbow Cake!

Rainbow Cake!

Decorate to your heart’s content! Pinterest, again, has a lot of great ideas!

rainbow cakes copy

I know you’re wondering what all of this has to do with Cinderella, right? Well, so did I. For inspiration, I put Cinderella on for Munchkin while I frosted the cake and right at the beginning of the movie, inspiration hit!

It was perfect!

{Have faith in your dreams and someday/ Your rainbow will come shining through}

Munchkin’s eyes were as wide as the cake!


She loved it and I got so many compliments for it! And the slices, of course, were ginormous! But we went to Chuck E. Cheese so she had plenty of room to work off her sugar high.

chuck e cheese

Now the only problem is what to do for her 5th birthday party.

She told me she wants a Ninja Turtle birthday party and only Ninja Turtles can come. Oh and she wants to have a blueberry cake with pink, black, and blue frosting. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?


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