The Nostradamus/Inspector Gadget Effect

I just wanted to post this on my blog because for Christmas I got a Kindle Fire and I’ve been using it for reading (duh) but then I’ve also downloaded Evernote and the drawing ap thingy on it and I was thinking how cool it was that it TOTALLY looked like a real book. Especially with my nifty purple case.
And then I was like, “Holy Crap! I wanted one of these back when I used to watch Inspector Gadget, cuz Penny had one and it was the coolest thing ever!”
The closest I ever got to it was drawing all the buttons and knobs on a sketchbook.
It’s just so weird how this stuff works out.

The Curse of Future Tom

Every time I read or see something Nostradamus predicted, it’s so vague I can’t believe someone is spending five seconds saying or typing it. 

There will be a great war, and an evil man, and then a big thing will crash! 

Sitting way back there in history, where you know, not much has happened yet, so if you don’t nail down a timeline, then pretty much anything you say is going to be true eventually.  I mean, I don’t care what year it is, there’s always going to be a Most Evil Guy In The World somewhere, and once in a while, he’s going to get some really evil stuff done.  And predicting future wars is like predicting future sunrises – might impress a two year-old, but not me.

Here’s my big prediction:  There will be a big spaceship crash in the next four hundred years.  And an earthquake in…

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