Since I have been sucking royally at updating regularly on my blog AND keeping up with NaNoWriMo, I thought it would be fun to give you all a little heads up as far as how my progress has been…er…progressing.

And so, I present to you:

My Month of Writing Dangerously

As you can see by all the red days, I have not been doing well. However, i can now also present:

Le Month of Hijinks:
In which I….


  • traveled cross country


  • made a five tier wedding cake (in about 48 sleepless hours)
  • helped rescue my friend’s phone from a rampaging sofa
  • more than likely lost my phone to said sofa
  • got back in touch with childhood friends
  • helped improve the vocabulary of Orlando citizens (who doesn’t know what hijinks are?!!)


  • visited a free portion of DisneyWorld with my daughter


  • actually caught the wedding bouquet!!
  • wandered around downtown Orlando (on purpose!)
  • tried to use a friend’s name to get in for free at a club in Orlando (didn’t work)
  • wandered around downtown Jacksonville (so not on purpose, cops and crying were involved)
  • learned how to drive to two completely different wal*marts in Jacksonville
  • quite possibly may have microscopically improved my Spanish (side note: don’t say cabron/a around Puerto Ricans and never under any circumstances refer to anyone as a jiggaboo)

And I’m not done yet folks! This month has been full of hijinks!!! accomplishments that I’m quite proud of. If I could do almost all of that in two weeks, I’m sure I can actually complete the things I need to in 8 days.

Just like updating this blog, it’s just a matter of actually buckling down and doing it!


2 thoughts on “HiJINKS!!!

    • sabby says:

      I know I’m hella late but…
      Yes! I hope to someday finish my novel! I just really need to sit down and write it all out. But I have like a million things floating in my head and it’s hard getting it all down on paper sometimes.

      Also, TA-Da! New blog post! Go me!

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